Learn more about the unique advantages of getting dental implants.

Wondering what dental implants can do for your smile after tooth loss? So many people are turning to our Eastpointe, MI, dentist Dr. Peter Jost to get implants. To help you decide whether dental implants are right for you here are some of the benefits that this tooth replacement option can offer,

Built to Last a Lifetime

One of the reasons adults are turning to dental implants is because they want a tooth replacement that is going to last them a long time. Implants are built to not just be incredibly stable and durable, but also they are designed to last decades. This means that most people who maintain good oral hygiene and have implants can enjoy having this artificial tooth the rest of their life without ever needing to replace it.

Maintain a Healthy Jawbone

The jawbone shrinks after tooth loss and this deterioration will continue to occur over time, affecting the overall shape and structure of the face. Since a dental implant is placed right into the jawbone, it is designed to replace the roots of your teeth and prevents jawbone shrinkage. Since significant jawbone loss can occur in just the first year of tooth loss alone it is important that you see our Eastpointe, MI, family dentist for a consultation to determine the right tooth replacement option to fit your needs.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

We know how challenging mealtimes can be when you are missing one or more teeth. By getting a tooth replacement that functions and feels just like a real tooth and fully restores your bite not only will you feel confident going out to dinner again but you can also enjoy all those foods that were difficult to enjoy with missing teeth. Sink your teeth into the foods you love; your dental implant is more than up for the challenge.

Protect Neighboring Teeth

Since a dental implant is placed into the jawbone, where it fuses together with bone and tissue, this means that the implant doesn’t need to use neighboring teeth for support. This means that we can preserve the rest of your natural smile without having to alter it to accommodate your artificial tooth. We can leave adjacent teeth exactly as they are, minimizing the amount of dental work you need to receive in order to get implants.

If you want to discuss your candidacy for dental implants you’ve come to the right place. Call our Eastpointe, MI, dental practice today at (586) 771-1460 and let our dentist know that you are ready to get dental implants.